a About the conference - AITLHSSE

The 3rd International Conference on “AI & Technology in Languages, Humanities, Social Sciences, and Education” by Al-Noor University College is pivotal in our tech-driven era. It serves as a crucial platform to explore how artificial intelligence intersects with human development in languages, humanities, social sciences, and education.
The conference bridges traditional disciplines with cutting-edge technologies, shaping the future of education and societal progress. By fostering global collaboration among experts, it facilitates the exchange of ideas, innovation, and solutions for interconnected challenges.
Emphasizing empowering minds aligns with preparing individuals for the digital age. The event explores how technology enhances language studies, humanities, social sciences, and education, steering us toward a more technologically literate and intellectually empowered society.
This conference not only contributes to academic discourse but also has the potential to influence policy, education systems, and societal attitudes towards technology’s role in shaping our collective future. Its outcomes can leave a lasting impact on how we approach learning, research, and societal challenges in the evolving 21st-century landscape.